Kamrin Vaclavik

Founder and Content Creator

I started to make films at a very young age. From the second I picked up a camera for the first time I fell in love the craft. Starting with my family’s home video camera I began making films with a few friends. As time passed, I saved for better equipment and learn newer, higher end postproduction programs.

Early into high school I was approached about editing a low-budget short film. I gladly accepted as this was my first “professional” gig. From there I began working on various films wherever I could. This is when the idea for KV Cinema was born. Since I was already comfortable with narratives, that’s where I naturally started. I funded several of my own short films and as my skills increased began to take on client work. I gravitated towards music videos, as most of these were high concept and closely related to narrative film making.

Today, I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't.

- Jerry Rice

The productions got larger and so did my gear. It was time to bring on help. Two of my close colleagues and extremely talented individuals were brought on to assist with the ever-growing productions. As we continue our journey we learn as a team and do our best to provide every client with the best possible production experience.