Do You Need to Hire a Production Company?


So, you’re in need of content. You want top-level quality. With this, you begin looking into hiring a production company to handle your newest video, but you’re not sure about the price that comes with it. The natural question that surfaces is: Do I really need to pay for this? And the answer is … maybe.

On its base level, the question should be simple, but there are many factors that are at bay. You would think the equation is professional video + uploading to social media = lots of views; however, without a sound marketing strategy in place, this may not always be the outcome.

The name of the game in marketing is content creation, and quite a bit of it. This can come in many forms such as blogs, articles (Hey!), social media posts, and, of course, video. Is video as important as the other content outlets? According to the 2021 Wyzowl “State of Video Marketing Survey”, 84% of consumers report that video content directly convinced them to purchase a product or service. So again, it’s a no brainer! Professional video + uploading to social media = lots of views and more sales.

Again, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although video content has the highest potential of converting a potential customer, without a solid marketing foundation built the views may not come in as expected. So where does hiring a professional team to make your video(s) for you make sense? There are several situations where you’ll want to seriously consider spending the marketing dollars.

1. Saving You Time

When running a business, branch, or department your time is extremely crucial. You don’t always have the time or resources to produce video content (arguably the most time-consuming media type). This is where a production team can drastically help. Video production at its surface seems like an easy task, but you will find very quickly that it takes hours and hours sifting through footage, adjusting the edit, and making the audio sound perfect, and that's not even taking into account the original learning curve! A production team will take the entire workload off you, to the point where, depending on the idea for the video, you may not even need to be present for filming. You simply approve drafts and end up with a professional video on an agreed date

2. You Don’t Have the Specific Resources for Your Idea

If you are hiring a company to make a one-off video simply for content creation, there are probably less expensive ways to achieve this. However, if you have a very specific idea in mind that will help push your brand further, you may not have the resources to achieve your idea. Sometimes you need drone shots, multiple cameras, studio space, and more, even for a one-off video. This is the case where you’d want to call in the experts! The amount of time and money it would take to purchase the equipment, learn the equipment, and gain an understanding of the craft will sometimes far outweigh the cost of hiring a team that can handle everything for you.

3. Your Content Needs a Boost

You might already be making content regularly and have a following built on social media. You want to give your brand that extra edge that will set you aside from the competition. This is great if you are targeting pre-existing or potential customers who are debating your company or the competition. A professionally made video can add that “expert” look to your brand.

You may have content already released, but you're struggling with ideas for your video marketing. Collaborating with a production team can help with the idea conceptualization. Most professional teams are able to consult on ideas and help craft a piece of content that can positively impact your existing marketing efforts.

4. This is Your First Piece of Content

If this is your first piece of content, you may want to start with a bang! A professional video can give you the foundation that you use to build the rest of your marketing efforts around. You can display this video on your social media and website and use it as the first introduction to your brand. This can draw the potential customers in and either convert or lead them to experience more of your content.

Even with these in mind, you may still consider just whipping out your phone and creating a video on your own. Which is great! This is a sound plan that should be implemented in any marketing strategy, regardless of if you decide to use a production team or not. A constant stream of content is crucial to keep your audience engaged at all times. But when the time is right, and you'll usually know when, calling in an expert production team may be the way to go.

So where do you stand? Are you ready to hire a production team? Do you have enough pre-existing content to build on using a professionally made video? If not (shameless plug here!), KV Cinema offers customized monthly plans for businesses and agencies that need consistent content. You can get information on this and more by emailing