Kamrin Vaclavik | Level: Beginner

Premiere Pro can be very daunting the first time you look at it. Get up to speed fast to create your next masterpiece.

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Creating Soft Lighting for Interviews

Kamrin Vaclavik | 29 January

Learn how we overcame the soft lighting challenge in our last interview.

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Do You Need to Hire a Production Company?

Kamrin Vaclavik | 3 FEBRUARY

Is your company ready to hire a production team? The answer can be tricky. With a sound strategy in place, you may be able to maximize the return on your marketing dollars with a professionally made video.

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What is it like to Start a Business?

Kamrin Vaclavik | 6 FEBRUARY

At its surface, it seems like a cushy job, but there is a lot that goes into it that people don't see.

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What the Heck is the Rule of Thirds?

Kamrin Vaclavik | 12 FEBRUARY

Is the rule of thirds a hard-set law? Well, rules are meant to be broken.

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